The tango orchestra, or Orquesta Tipica, is seen as the big band of tango. It is the largest ensemble within the tango, with a diversity of sound. Traditionally, it consists of piano, double bass, 3 or 4 bandoneons, 3 or 4 violins, viola and cello.

Orquesta Típica Bélgica is an orchestra composed of musicians from various Belgian tango groups (Tanguadia, Astor, Chicharra, etc.). The orchestra plays pure dance repertoire in the style of, among others D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Biagi, Troilo, Pugliese.

The keywords are Swing and Timing, and all this interspersed with a layer of humor.

Double bass player Kay Sleking and bandoneon Gwen Cresen have beaten forces and composed the Champion League of the Belgian tango.

Orquesta Tipica is under artistic direction of Kay Sleking Kay.

The bandoneon section includes inter alia Gwen Cresens, Stijn Bettens, Pat kerckhove, Rein de Vos and Simone van Weerden.

The violin section includes among others Stephen Meyer, Yanou Vanermen, Mirela Chiricescu, Isabelle Decraene, Annemie Van Daele, Rientje Oirschot, Nele Verhaert and Liesbeth Lambrecht (viola).

The pianists are Anke Steenbeke and Joke van Oirschot. OTB also works with renowned tango singers, as Omar Mollo.

This year they are including in the Brussels Tango Festival and Tango Festival Antwerp. Information on bookings ? Please send an email